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Women -La Ultima Madre

La Ultima Madre, which translates to the initiation of the Final Mother, is
described in some Indigenous traditions. In this tradition, a woman will
express her energy in one of two ways, each with both a light and a dark side.
These two expressions are referred to as the Great Mother and the Rainbow

We are most familiar with the Great Mother, the Nurturing mother. With
her role as the more traditional mother, we see her bringing food and offering
her gentle, soft love, and nurturing. She keeps the home clean, orderly and
running smoothly. Her focus is on the safety and well-being of her family.
Protecting her family from harm or pain is immensely important. Her dark
side is called the Death Mother. She is the woman who will cut you out of
her life should you cross her.

The other expression is the Rainbow Mother. She is the creative woman who
dances and dreams and visions. While her home is not always neat and
orderly, she has many beautiful projects that she creates. Creativity is her
gift to the world and must be fostered. Her dark side is called the Crazy
Woman and she can create enormous havoc should she be crossed.

The tradition states that every woman belongs to one of these two energies.
Identifying which one you belong to is the first step. Learning to love both
the dark and light sides of who you are is the second, more important step.
In some traditions your dark side may also be called your shadow.
Regardless of the name, the importance is in learning to honor ALL of who
you are, good and bad, and in so honoring, you prevent one from taking over
your being.

Health is the same. Maintaining balance in your life is the way to a peaceful
and healthy existence. It is easy to become overwhelmed with how to do so.
Asking for guidance and support is a wonderful step towards true health.

Dr. Angela Lambert, of A Healing Path, Inc., is a Naturopathic Doctor and
Licensed Acupuncturist dedicated to health and wholeness. She has studied
and practices Earth Medicine and Lakota traditions for many years. In her
own journey she has discovered the importance of balance in many aspects of
life. She will work with you to do the same. Her patients love her sense of
humor and genuine love of her healing art.