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I will focus on the totality of your health and view your conditions and symptoms as a gauge of your body’s state of imbalance. My passion is to treat individuals and not illnesses. Illnesses are groups of symptoms, and symptoms are the body’s way of signaling that something is out of balance. Therefore, focusing on symptoms is not as effective as bringing the body into balance. It is restrictive and deceiving to offer a list of conditions that I treat. As an alternative, I strive to create health and lasting change by restoring communication between organ systems, improving metabolic and circulatory function and regaining biochemical balance in the body. This approach seeks optimal health, a condition in which symptoms resolve on their own. The following is a list of many common conditions and symptoms that you, your family, friends and loved ones may seek treatment for.

•Fatigue – Acute & Chronic 
•Depression & Anxiety 
•Endocrine Dysfunction including
Thyroid Disease, PCOS 
•Digestive Disorders 
•Pain Management, acute & chronic 
•Chronic Diseases 
•Ear Infections 
•Physical Limitations 
•Adrenal Function Challenges 
•Autoimmune Conditions 
•Respiratory Ailments inc. Asthma 
•Cardiovascular Disease 
•Weight Management 
•Pre & Post Operative Care 

•Common Cold
•Lyme Disease
•Lifestyle Counseling
•Hormonal Imbalances
•Heart Disease
•Lung Diseases
•Multiple Sclerosis

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