Dr. Angela

I look forward to discovering your health potential.

I would like to share with you my journey. Raised in New Hampshire on a 75-acre farm, I spent my childhood playing in fields, investigating swamps and walking in the woods. I still remember the first time I saw a deer in the field next to my family’s barn. It was during this time that I discovered my relationship with nature, one that would eventually infiltrate every aspect of my life. I noticed how the plants were affected by the sun, rain and snow. I noticed the many different animals and the balance that existed amongst them. I watched our family garden grow and experienced food in its most natural state: beans fresh from the stalk, grapes fresh from the vine, fresh goat milk. I fell in love with my connection to the earth, one that lives deep in my heart.

My parents believed in a well-rounded life and so I rode bikes with my brother, built “houses” out of cardboard boxes, built snow forts, worked in the garden, studied dance and music and lived amongst many dogs and goats. Following my passion and love of music, I went on to study Music Therapy and Music Education. I taught children and adults for many years, always noticing the benefits of music as well as its beauty as an art form. A singer, pianist, oboist, flutist, drummer and saxophonist, I treated children and adults with developmental disabilities, physical challenges as well as in the public-school setting, always aiming to teach each person how music could affect their lives. My love of music continues as I prepare to study the Celtic harp in hopes of incorporating this beautiful instrument into my practice in the future.

Feeling a calling to work with the physical body, I went on to study therapeutic massage at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle (now known as the Cortiva Institute). There I discovered the mechanics of the body as well as the memories that the body can hold onto. I spent many years working in injury rehabilitation, with patients experiencing both acute and chronic physical pain as well as deep emotional pain.

In my mid-twenties I experienced my own health challenge. With my father’s encouragement I chose to work with a Naturopathic doctor. The experience proved to be life-changing and I decided, a few years later, to study the medicine that had brought so much healing to my own life.

I attended the National College of Natural Medicine, now NUNM, in Portland, Oregon, the oldest Naturopathic medical school in the country. Once obtaining a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, I created A Healing Path, Inc., in Portland, Oregon, a family medical practice that integrated both the ancient and modern philosophies of natural medicine.

Dedicated to both listening to and hearing each individual’s needs, my passion is to create a partnership between doctor and patient, encouraging each patient to be a steward of his or her own health. As all of my patients will express, I am more than just a doctor or an acupuncturist. I am a healer who takes my role in your health journey as a great responsibility and privilege. A visit to the office involves conversation, laughter, music, sometimes tears, but always support and encouragement. Change can be difficult for some but always powerful. Utilizing various treatment options, all based in the fabric of nature, my goal is to guide you, your family, your friends, and any other loved ones, towards health and balance on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.

After many years of practicing in Portland, Oregon and advancing my skills, I returned to my true home, New Hampshire in 2011, to be closer to family and friends. My practice is located in a charming, restored John Paul Jones mansion on Islington Street in Portsmouth. I strive to make my patients feel welcome and relaxed. Guided by the Naturopathic principles, I do not simply treat symptoms but, instead, view them as an indication of your state of health. These forms of healing are not typically “quick fix” medicine but, instead, involve a journey into your lifestyle, goals, and challenges that takes time and dedication. I am committed to identifying the cause of your health issues and will work tirelessly to do so as well as encourage you to do the same.

I work with children and adults of all ages and treat both chronic and acute illnesses. My patients love my sense of humor and genuine love of my healing art. I am passionate about, and dedicated to, that in which I believe. In my personal time, I can be found outdoors, cycling, skiing or hiking with my dog Lola and laughing with my friends.


Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela Lambert, Naturopathic Doctor