Music Therapy

Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients to improve or maintain their health. Sometimes music is used directly to address the patient’s needs, sometimes it is used as the structure that supports the therapeutic relationship between the patient and client. Dr. Angela is currently working in the area of Sound Healing, utilizing the vibrational aspects of music in the form of Crystal Singing Bowls to assist in the balancing of the chakras and energy systems of the body. She is also receiving training with the Celtic harp, working towards the goal of utilizing this amazing instrument with her own patients.

Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine, Portsmouth, NH

Acutonics is a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Chinese medicine that utilizes tuning forks tuned to the planets, Tibetan healing bowls, drums, rattles and Tingsha cymbals. The intent is to connect and balance the body, mind, spirit and soul by connecting with the oneness of sound in the Universe. Incorporating her extensive background in music, Dr. Angela works to include the power of sound in sessions with her patients. For those who are afraid of needles, this is also a wonderful means of incorporating the power of Chinese medicine.