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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I saw these words on a bumper sticker one morning and it really got my
minding thinking. How ironic. What I thought about, though, was how
easily we attach to the negative. The more I thought, the sadder I felt.

Why is it that some people are only able to focus on the negative? Does it
come from negative experiences in childhood? Negative attitudes in parents,
the media, the government? In Winnie the Pooh land, why was Eeyore so
miserable all the time? Is this really a satisfying way to live? Is it a fear of
experiencing too much positive energy? Are we afraid to be happy?

Regardless of the reason, the effects are not good on your health. Negative
thinking creates neural pathways that foster more negativity. Studies have
shown that positive thinking offers many benefits for your health. Your
immune system becomes stronger and more able to fight off colds and the flu.
There is a reduced risk of developing heart disease. The deep breathing that
often accompanies positive thinking has been associated with improvements
in certain lung diseases as well. Positive thinking especially shows its good
effects during times of extreme stress when people exhibit better coping

If you find yourself struggling with negative thinking, it may be time for
some help. Counseling is one option. Other options include flower essences,
homeopathy, even changing your diet to remove foods that may have a
negative effect on your overall attitude. Naturopathic doctors are trained to
treat multiple aspects of your health, not just one system or one issue.

Dr. Angela Lambert, of A Healing Path, Inc., is a Naturopathic Physician and
Licensed Acupuncturist dedicated to health and not simply treating disease.
She has studied and practices Earth Medicine and Lakota traditions for
many years. In her own journey she has discovered the importance of
balance in many aspects of life. She will work with you to identify ways that
you can strengthen your sense of balance and positive energy. Her patients
love her sense of humor and genuine love of her healing art.