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Why is everyone so tired all the time? Yes people are busy. But do you
sometimes have trouble getting up in the morning? Imagine a scale between
1 and 10 in which 1=unable to get out of bed and 10=so much energy you
could fly. Where are you on that scale? If you are less than a 9, do you know
why? Do you wonder why? Would you like to find out?

Fatigue is one of the most common reasons people seek out health care.
Some do not have enough energy to work out at the end of the day. Some feel
much better when they do work out. Some people do not have enough energy
to go out after work and socialize. Others lack the energy to clean the house
or walk the dog or complete the tasks required at work. And some people just
plain feel tired most of the time despite how much sleep they get, how well
they eat. Do you fit one of these descriptions?

There are many reasons why one can have low energy. We eat to provide
our body with fuel to function. Perhaps the foods you are eating are not
optimal for your body. Sometimes people experience sensitivities or even
allergies to certain foods. Eating these foods can be a drain on your system.
Perhaps you are suffering from a form of anemia. Perhaps there is an issue
with your thyroid gland or some other hormonal issue. Perhaps there is an
emotional component to your low energy. There are MANY possible reasons
why you feel so tired.

The most important factor in addressing your low energy is finding out the
cause. To simply give you something to boost your energy is not treating the
cause but rather masking it. Wouldn’t you like to find out WHY your energy
is so low? And then what you can do to actually become healthier and more

A Naturopathic physician also trained in Classical Chinese medicine, Dr.
Angela Lambert can help you identify the cause underlying your low energy.
Dedicated to a life long relationship supporting your health and not just
treating your disease, she is trained to identify and treat the cause of your
health concerns.