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Menopause, a Natural Transition

Life is a filled with growth and change. One of these is the mid-life change in
the life of women. Menopause is a powerful transition in the journey of a
woman. It is the third stage of a woman’s life, a time of personal wholeness
and integration, when what she does is an expression of who she is on her
deepest level. In Earth based traditions, this is the time when a woman
becomes the crone. Upon hearing this word, you may imagine a very old
woman with a hooked nose and a hairy wart on her chin. Imagine instead
the Wise Woman, the original meaning of the word hag. In the Native
American tradition, menopause is viewed as a passage, an extraordinary
journey into wisdom, beauty and grace that comes only with age. When
viewed from this perspective, menopause becomes something to celebrate.
When a woman stops the monthly shedding of her blood, she isn¹t losing her
womanhood, she is holding on to her power, she is retaining her wisdom.

The challenge comes in working with the symptoms that come with this
transition. Prevention is always the ultimate goal but some women are too
busy living to be thinking of what is coming in the future. Living a healthy
lifestyle is vital. Little to no alcohol, tobacco or caffeine and keeping the liver
and adrenal glands healthy are a few steps that help.

Minimizing the sometimes-challenging symptoms that women may
experience during this transition is helpful. Hot flashes, short-term memory
loss, mood swings, fatigue, vaginal dryness and irritation are some of the
symptoms that cause women discomfort. There are many natural
suggestions that can help a woman ease into this magical stage of her life
including dietary support, homeopathy and flower essences. Rather than
struggling to escape from the symptoms, much can be gained from learning to
integrate the messages that these symptoms are offering.

Dr. Angela Lambert, of A Healing Path, Inc., is a Naturopathic Physician and
Licensed Acupuncturist dedicated to health and not simply treating disease.
In her family medical practice she works with both children and adults to
identify and address the cause of their particular health concerns. Dr.
Lambert is focused on helping her patients achieve a greater state of health.
She will work with you to identify ways that you can strengthen your body’s
innate ability to deal with menopause.